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July Movie Schedule

BTN-TV Channel 16 (BTES) Channel 192 (Charter)

Press Release (PDF)

BTN-TV is known for its city services, events, and educational programming and is considered the premiere government channel in the area due to its original programming and content. It is a division of the city’s Office of Community Relations.  “We constantly strive to keep our content ever-changing, informative, and educational.  At the same time government TV isn’t known for its entertaining or fun side,” said Terrie Talbert, Director of Community Relations. “We have been researching ways in which we can expand our programming yet stay within the federal guidelines governing the channel. We looked to other cities’ government channels and found that many were offering community entertainment in the form of public domain films.”

“This is an exciting extension of what we do,” Talbert continued. “We hope the new family movie night will give families an opportunity to share some time together and see what the classics looked like before color TV and digital effects.”  The new program will be hosted by Brennan Dye, a member of the BTN staff.  Dye will share information about characters, the making of the film, and behind the scenes look on each of the movies broadcast. 

Dye said of the new venture, “This is a great opportunity for people to see some truly unique films and hopefully learn some fun film history along the way.”