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To create and maintain a safe, healthy, vibrant urban environment through community cooperation.


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Property Maintenance
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Combination Inspections
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Combination Inspections
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City Code

Adopted Technical Codes


Combination Commercial Permit              Combination 1 & 2 Family Permit

Combination Subcontractor Listing

Combination Building Permits are now issued by the City of Bristol for both commercial and
1 and 2 Family building projects.  These permits allow for a single permit to be issued to the
person or company responsible for the entire project in place of individual permits for each
trade.  A contractor/subcontractor listing is required to be submitted for these type permits
along with the permit application and contractor licensing requirements for the State of
Tennessee must still be followed when selecting contractors and subcontractors for the project. 
Contact our office for details if you have questions. 

  Building Permit Commercial                   Building Permit 1 & 2 Family Residential
  Campground Permit                                 Demolition Permit

  Fire Protection System                            Electrical Permit

  Grading Permit                                          Mechanical/HVAC Permit 

  Plumbing Permit                                        Site Utilities Permit

  Certificate of Occupancy Request         Special Promotion Event Permit

  Sign Permit Application                           Sandwich Board Sign Application

  Moving Permit                                          Business Grand Opening Application

  Mobile/Modular Home Permit


 Permit Fees

Bristol Fee Schedule


 Other Forms

Floodplain Elevation Certificate


 Procedures, Guides & Other Information

Design Criteria                                                  Residential Frequently Asked Questions
Floodplain Elevation Package                         Permit Posting Requirements
Statement of Special Inspections                   Periodic Report of Special Inspections
Final Report of Special Inspections               Special Inspections Guide
Commercial Frequently Asked Questions


Better Property Board
Board of Building Appeals