Bristol Metropolitan Planning Organization (Transportation)



         Rex Montgomery
    Transportation Planner

The Transportation and Traffic Engineering component conducts traffic counts, analyzes the performance of existing and proposed traffic circulation systems, and recommends on traffic signal replacement and operation and the signage and pavement markings of the city.  The department also works with the Police, Fire, and Public Works departments to develop plans for special events involving street closures or in-street operations.  

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) component provides administration of transportation grants, long-range transportation planning, traffic engineering, and coordination with the Executive Board to program federal transportation funds.  The MPO works jointly with the State Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and Federal Transit Administration to administer the local transportation planning process.



What is an MPO? 

Documents and Resources:


MPO Prospectus
Long Range Transportation Plan Year 2035
Land Use and Transportation Study
Traffic Counts
FY 2014 -2017 Transportation Improvement Program
Transportation Improvement Program  Amendments #1 ,#2 and #3
Public Participation Plan
2014 - 2015 Unified Planning Work Program
2013 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects
Title VI
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Applications and Forms:


Street Closure/Special Event
Assumption of Risk and Release




Metropolitan Planning Organization    


Staff Members:


Rex Montgomery Transportation Planning Manager

(423) 989-5519     

David Metzger Transportation Engineer (423) 989-5522 
  Administrative Assistant (423) 989-5514 


Other Useful Transportation Contacts:


Tennessee Department of Tranportation
Virginia Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Transit Administration
Census Bureau