Tri-City Airport Commission



As an owner of the Tri-Cities Regional Airport, TN/VA (TRI), Bristol has one (1) appointment to the Tri-City Airport Board that was created as a joint venture between the members.  The Airport Commission oversees the operation and management of the airport.  A twelve (12) member commission representing the Cities of Kingsport (2 Members), Bristol TN (1 Member), Johnson City (3 Members), Bristol VA (1 Member), Washington County, TN (3 Members) and Sullivan County, TN (2 Members).  Full Commission meetings are held bi-monthly with committee meetings held monthly or scheduled as needed. 

This position is filled by City Council.  The member is required to be a city resident at time of appointment and maintain city residency during the entire term of office. 

The City Council has established the length of term of appointment at three (3) years.  If a member of City Council is appointed, the length of the appointment would coincide with their individual term of office.  Meetings are held at the airport.   

The City Manager has been appointed as the alternate member to the board (Resolution No. 05-26). 

Contact:  Patrick Wilson, Executive Director 423-325-6001