Fire Rescue

      Frequently Asked Questions


Is it permissible to burn brush, leaves, etc. inside the City limits?
Yes, but only after obtaining a burning permit.  The permit can be obtained at the Central Fire Station, 211 Bluff City Hwy, between the hours of 8 am till 5 pm Monday thru Friday.  The permit has pertinent information, such as, what is not permissible to burn based upon state law, telephone numbers, and the procedures to follow for a controlled burn.

If I need to obtain a copy of a fire report, what do I need to do? 
To obtain a copy of the fire report, you must to come to the Central Fire Station, 211 Bluff City Hwy; or if you are from out of the area,  you  may call the Central Fire Station at 423-989-5701. Fire staff will be happy to assist you.  Please have the necessary information available in order for the incident report to be provided, such as, the date and address of the incident.  The charge for the report is 15 cents for each standard copied sheet. 

If I need to obtain a copy of an EMS report, what do I need to do? 
If  Bristol Fire Rescue responded to an emergency medical call in which you were involved, you can get a copy of the report by coming to the Central Fire Station located at 211 Bluff City Hwy.  You will need to have a photo ID to get these reports.  The City complies with all HIPPAA laws and standards mandated by Federal Law. The charge for the report is 15 cents for each standard copied sheet.

I have a swimming pool at home; can the fire department fill it for me? 
City and departmental guidelines prohibit the fire department from filling swimming pools.

I discovered my  child  playing with matches and/or lighters.  Is there anything the fire department can do to help me teach my child the importance of not playing with fire?
Absolutely! The fire department has a Juvenile Firesetting Program called FireWise Kids.  This is a program of instruction and information sharing designed to teach the importance of fire safety to juveniles.  It is a free program offered to all families. Your child can be introduced to the program in several different ways such as: He/She may be required by the Fire Marshal to attend this program if the child is suspected of being involved with an intentionally set fire; a concerned parent can contact the fire department and request that their child be placed into the program; or the juvenile court system places the child into the program. Every candidate is evaluated to determine if the program is suited for their specific need. If you need information about the program; please contact Assistant Fire Chief Jack Spurgeon, Jr. or Firefighter/Paramedic Steve Hicks at 423-989-5701.