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Bristol  Fire/Rescue is expanding their Public Safety Education services in an effort to prepare citizens for a myriad of emergencies.  The announcement comes from Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Jack Spurgeon who also heads the department's Public Education Division.  Spurgeon added that the department's expanded public education role is a result of Fire Chief Barnes' goal for the department to be a positive, visible and proactive force in community emergency preparedness. "We want to provide safety information and teach skills to the public on a regular basis, and hope interested citizens will take advantage of this educational opportunity", said Spurgeon.

The department's public safety education program is called B.E.S.T., an acronym for   Bristol Essential Safety Training; the program will expand and develop based upon community needs.



Each year Bristol Fire Rescue public education staff assists businesses, medical offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, churches, colleges, and schools in fire safety education and prevention.  On average, the department  annually trains about 300 individuals in the use of portable fire extinguishers, with approximately 170 of those participating in hands on training.  Tragically, thousands of fires occur each year in on-campus and off-campus housing.  Partnering with King College in educating their faculty and staff about  the importance of early evacuation and the proper use of portable fire extinguisher increases  fire safety awareness around campus.  Many of the department's personnel conduct departmental fire training, in addition to teaching at the Northeast Tennessee Regional Fire Training Academy, ensuring veteran and rookie firefighters receive adequate and necessary training.  Personnel also actively participate in both  public and private schools, providing emergency medical training to teachers, parents and staff. 
Everyone with Bristol Fire Rescue is committed to promoting safety throughout our community.  Bristol Tennessee Fire Department is proud to have Patches and Pumper as a member of its fire prevention program! Patches and Pumper is an interactive robot used to teach fire safety and prevention.  To schedule an appearance by Patches and Pumper, please contact Assistant Chief Jack Spurgeon at 423-989-5701.

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FireWISE Juvenile Firesetting Program



The purpose of the FireWise Juvenile Firesetting Program is to assist  Bristol Fire Rescue in providing fire safety education to parents and kids about the misuse of fire.  Children are very inquisitive by nature and without proper education they are unaware of the dangerous and sometimes fatal consequences fire can produce. Educational intervention should be age appropriate and relevant to the child's life and fire setting incident with equal importance placed upon educating  parents so that fire safety messages can be reinforced at home. 




 The Juvenile Firesetting Program offered through Bristol Fire Rescue is a free program offered to our community and the juvenile court system.  Depending on the severity of the incident, the program can be completed in as little as six weeks or as long as fourteen weeks.  The length of the course will also depend on how the juvenile was entered into the program.  If the juvenile was court ordered to participate in the program, then it may take longer.  A parent may voluntarily place their child in the program or intervention for a juvenile charge cannot happen until they ordered to take the Juvenile Firesetting  course.

Intervention programs have historically only been offered to juveniles; but it has become apparent that  parents need to be taught fire prevention and fire safety as well.   Therefore, it is required that at least one, if not both parents, attend the sessions with the juvenile.  The entire family will learn the importance of fire safety in the home, how to properly perform an Exit Drill in the Home (EDITH), what you should and should not do when lighters and matches are found, and other fire-related topics.

The first session is an interview where both the juvenile and parent(s) are asked questions pertaining to the incident.  This helps our staff determine what path of intervention is most appropriate.  In some cases (rarely), a child may be referred to different agencies for further assistance, such as Mental Health.   Determining if a child has underlying problems that may have pushed him/her into the fire play incident will assist with understanding the needs of the child.

For further information on this program, please contact Assistant Chief, Jack Spurgeon, and Director of the FireWise program or FF/Paramedic Steve Hicks at 423-989-5701.


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