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 Paper Windows: A photographic vision of Bristol; a community photo contest. 

Rules and Requirements

The city of Bristol is hosting a year-long call for photo entries in 12 different sessions during the next 12 months as a means of collecting and sharing images of the community. The project intends to collect photos of the people of Bristol, the downtown area, and nature and wildlife scenes showcasing our community.


1.     Entries must be submitted before the last day of each session. Sessions are approximately 30
        days. Winners will be announced within 5 business days of the last day of each session.     
        Individual winners may only win on four different occasions throughout the year-long project.

2.     All pictures must be taken within the city limits of Bristol, Tennessee.

3.     Each session will carry a theme. All images must be approved and deemed appropriate for
        public content at the city's discretion.

4.     All photos will be shared on the city Paper Windows Facebook page.

5.     Completed release forms must be submitted for each person under the age of 18 in a photo.

6.     All ages are encouraged to enter; however, parents or guardians must submit entry and
        release forms for minors (under 18).

7.     When submitting entries please include the following:

    • Title of the photo
    • Photographer's name
    • Mailing Address
    • Email address
    • Phone number

8.     Please include a 1 sentence description of the photo and the title of the session you are

9.     Individuals may enter up to three photos per contest session.

10.  Please keep the size to a maximum of 640x480.  Winners will be asked to provide larger

11.  Pictures may be taken with any camera, including Smartphone.

12.  Photos do not have to be taken during the session's time frame.

13.  Pictures must be submitted in digital format.

14.  Photo may be color, black and white, sepia, etc.

15.  Entries must be the original works of the photographers.

16.  The City of Bristol TN has permission to reproduce in any manner any submission so released.

Technical Requirements

1.     JPEG format

2.     Minimum of 72 dpi

3.     An email submission in any contest session must be accompanied by an attachment(s)
        containing a completed release form (from our Web site) for each person featured in the     
        submission photo.  Don't forget:        

  •      Title of the photo
  •      Photographer's name
  •      Mailing Address
  •      Email address
  •      Phone number

 Session Titles & Deadlines

Session 1 (March 30 – April 21)
Title: Spring – Nature's Green Light
What spring means to you.  How you see Bristol as spring breaks.
Deadline: April 21, 2012 

Session 2 (April 22 – May 21)
Title: Bristol's Hometown Heroes
Who is your hero?  Is it the fireman, policeman, soldier, doctor, 911 dispatcher, husband, mom, dad or someone who has done something that makes them a hero in your eyes?
Deadline: May 21, 2012

Session 3 (May 22 – June 21)
Title: Bristol Painted Green
For this session share a photograph where the color green is the primary focus.
Deadline: June 21, 2012

Session 4 (June 22 – July 21)
Title: Play Misty for Me
The focus in the session is mist; on the water, in the air, on a street....whatever
Deadline:July 21, 2012

Session 5 (July 22 – August 21)
Title: Reflections
Keep in mind the focus is a reflection, whether it be a mud puddle reflecting the sky, a creek reflecting your image or whatever you think a reflection to be.
Deadline: Aug 21, 2012

Session 6 (August 22 – September 21)
Title: Bristol's Streets
There are a lot of streets in Bristol, some quiet, some bustling, some full of history.  What's your favorite?
Deadline:Sept 21, 2012

Session 7 (September 22 – October 21)
Title: Event Bristol
What is your favorite event in Bristol?  BMS races, Rhythm and Roots, Border Bash, Full Moon Jam, 4th of July celebration, Caterpillar Crawl, Downtown Christmas Open House, Paramount concert, Theatre Bristol play, the Bristol Ballet, Viking Hall concert, weekend concert in one of our downtown venues, sporting events (other than racin') AND THEY SAY NOTHING GOES ON IN BRISTOL!!!!
Deadline:Oct. 21, 2012

Session 8 (October 22 – November 21)
Title: Falling for Bristol
It is that time of year, the leaves are falling, maybe you are falling for someone or perhaps you think the sky is falling.
Deadline:Nov. 21, 2012

Session 9 (November 22 – December 21)
Title: Grateful
What are you grateful for?  Family, friends, your city, your favorite shop or favorite whatever.  It's up to you.
Deadline:Dec. 21, 2012 

Session 10 (December 22 – January 21)
Title: The Sound of Music
What will it be, country, blues, bluegrass, reggae, the symphony, folk, new age, or is it the musicians, the look, the camaraderie, or just the sounds wafting past you while walking down the street?
Deadline:Jan. 21, 2013

Session 11 (January 22 – February 21)
Title: Seeing Red
The focus in this session is the color red.  Maybe you are seeing red, maybe the roses you see on Valentine's Day are red, maybe your favorite traffic signal is red.
Deadline:Feb. 21, 2013

Session 12 (February 22 – March 21)
Title: Bristol in Blue
Maybe you like Blues or maybe it's Bluegrass, or maybe you like the blue dress in the window downtown.  Maybe it's the blue in your daughter's eyes.
Deadline: Mar. 21, 2013 















Download Entry Form
Entry form

·         consent for minors to enter contest
·         consent to use minor's likeness in an entry

Forms may be submitted via email, fax or mail.

Fax 423-764-9714 

Dept of Community Relations
PO Box 3563
Bristol, TN 37625 

Photo Gallery
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Fast Facts

Judging will be done by 4 judges, with a background in the arts.  The 5th judge will be the Paper Window's Facebook page.  The community will be asked to vote on-line by liking their favorite photo during each session.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be awarded during each session, with an over-all winner at the end of the year-long contest.

1st place winners of each session will have their photograph featured in an 12 month calendar produced by the city.

All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will have their art displayed on canvas, in a special exhibit in a location to be announced at a later date.

The over-all winner will also receive a $100 cash prize and a trophy at the conclusion of the contest.