Power Board



Bristol Tennessee Essential Services is a department of the City with independent authority to act pursuant to TCA 7-52-101 et seq.  a five-member (5) board appointed by City Council for four-year (4) terms oversees its management and operation.  One member must be either a City Council Member or the City Manager.  Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 12:00 Noon at BTES offices.  All members are required to be city residents at time of appointment and maintain city residency during the entire term of office. 

Oversees administration of Bristol Tennessee electric system and broadband services. 

This board operates under state statute and has fiscal authority to act within the statutes without City Council approval.  They also hire employees and set salary/benefit levels. 

The one authority that City Council has over this board is (1) the appointment of board members and (2) the approval of all contracts for the purchase of power.


Contact:  Dr. Mike Browder, CEO    423-968-1526