Utility Services



The Utility Services Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of the sanitary sewer and water systems.  The Division has approximately 30 full-time employees. The mission of the Division is to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

Contact Information 

City of Bristol Tennessee
Utility Services Division
1321 Weaver Pike
POB 1189
Bristol, Tennessee 37621-1189

Phone: (423) 989-5677
Fax: (423) 989-5632







Tim Beavers Director of Public Works (423) 989-5565 tbeavers@bristoltn.org
Frank Neal Utility Maintenance Superintendent (423) 989-5262 fneal@bristoltn.org
David St. John Water Plant Superintendent (423) 989-5576 dstjohn@bristoltn.org
Peggy Cornish Administrative Assistant (423) 989-5677 ppcornish@bristoltn.org


Public Notice

One of more for-profit companies may be sending marketing mailings to Bristol residents seeking to sell water line, sewer line, and in-home emergency plumbing repair services.  Essentially the program acts like insurance coverage for plumbing repairs on private property.

Residents are advised that these programs are not sponsored, endorsed or supported by the City of Bristol.

Sanitary Sewer

The sanitary sewer system serves approximately 11,000 customers in the City and Sullivan County.  Sanitary sewage is also collected and treated from the City of Bluff City as well as some City of Johnson City customers.

The Bristol Tennessee collection system consists of 30 remote pumping stations and over 230 miles of sanitary sewer mains that cover an area from the Virginia State Line, south to Piney Flats, east to the Old Jonesboro Road and Whitetop Creek areas, and west to the Exit 74 and Exit 69 areas on Interstate 81.

The system also includes a regional wastewater treatment plant jointly owned by the Cities of Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA.  The wastewater treatment plant, including the system's remote pumping stations, are operated and maintained by 19 full time contractor personnel employed by Severn Trent Environmental Services, Incorporated.  The wastewater treatment plant has a capacity to treat 15 million gallons of sewage daily.  Currently, an average of 9 million gallons of sewage is being treated daily. 
If you have immediate concerns about treatment plant odors please call 423-989-5570. 



The water system serves approximately 12,000 customers in the City and Sullivan County.  The system also provides water for 5 utility districts giving a total service area population of over 40,000.

Water is pumped from the South Holston River to a treatment plant capable of producing 10 million gallons of water every day.  Currently, the plant treats an average of 5.5 million gallons of water every day.  After treatment, the water is pumped throughout the distribution system to 10 water storage reservoirs with a combined capacity of 12.5 million gallons.  The distribution system consists of 4 main remote booster stations and over 260 miles of water mains.  The distribution system covers an area from the Virginia State Line, south to the Highway 11E/Highway 394 interchange, east to the Highway 421 and South Holston Dam areas, and west to the Highway 11W/Highway 394 area.

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