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Home Page

The home page consists of 3 major sections:

•Content Area
•Feature Console


 ←Content Area

 ←Feature Console





Each tab connects to a page that features informational links for residents, or doing business 
with the city, or a visitor.


Each tab also will have a tool bar located at the top of the page.  This bar will also be available in
the same location on all other pages.

The tool bar features:

•E Services

•Agendas & Minutes
•City Council
•Contact Us

The Home page features the following:

Site Information, explains the privacy policy of the city's website; 

Site Navigation, gives a simple overview of how to find your way around the web site;  

News, features current news in the city; 

Links of Interest,  features many links to different web sites that persons visiting the city site may 
also find interesting;

City Charter, allows everyone access to the charter on which the city is founded;

Code of Ordinances, this area features all the city codes and is updated continuously;

Community Events, this site is an area where events from throughout the city may be placed for 

About the City, tells everything about the city from the local attractions to the number of schools 
within the city; 

Boards and Commissions, this  area lists all board and commissions, what their purpose is, how
often they meet, etc. 

If there is an opening on a board of commission the opening will be listed on the board site;

News In Bristol, this page features direct links to the city's newspaper,
television stations, and radio stations for breaking news; 

History of Bristol, local historian Bud Phillips outlines the history of Bristol since its founding in 1856; 

Attractions, highlights regional attractions; 

Picture of the Week, thumbnail pictures of sights around the city may be viewed on this page; 

Downtown Camera, a web cam is located on State Street in downtown Bristol for the world to see in real-
time what is happening in the city; 

 Bristol Web Survey, this area will feature different surveys throughout the year.



The City Calendar reflects meetings of the City Council and other city boards.  It also reflects
 city sponsored events.

E-Services is an on-line service request system which allows residents to request information, submit
request for service, or submit comments for review. The service request system covers a wide variety
of city departments and services.

The Agenda & Minutes tab has agendas for city council meetings and the Boards and Commission
meetings.  The minutes from city council, boards and commission meetings, all are available by date.

The City Council tab features biographies of each city council person.

If you wish to contact the city, the Contact Us page gives a variety of ways to do so including the
street address for City Hall, the mailing address,  etc.

Employees tab lists all city employees citizens may need to have direct contact with.  The list is divided departmentally.

Organization tab features a city organizational chart.  The tab also lists all departments and the
internal division of departments.