Bristol Tennessee Teen Court





Teen Court Jury

The Teen Court Jury is made up of high school students whose responsibility is to determine the disposition for the defendants who appear before the Teen Court.  An adult attorney serves as the Judge to oversee the proceedings and answer any questions the Teen Court members may have.  The youth volunteers serve in all other roles for the court including defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, bailiff, clerk and jury members.


Teens get constructive feedback from local attorneys on Court Procedures...





Teens learn to communicate with each other in order to come to a mutual consensus.





- Teen Court is a volunteer
   intervention and prevention
   program which allows juvenile
   formal juvenile justice system.

- Juvenile offenders are allowed
   to assume responsibility for
   their own actions in order
   that they will not have a formal
   court record.

- Teen Court allows juvenile
   offenders to appear before a
   jury of their peers for a
  constructive disposition of their
  offenses which will provide the
  youth offenders with an
  understanding of the legal
  system and the judicial process.




Goals and Objectives

-  Hold youth responsible for their actions through dispositional alternatives.

-  Divert youth offenders from the formal court system.

-  Reduce the likelihood of repeat offenders.

-  Provide education about the legal system to youth offenders and youth volunteers.

-  Involve the community to promote an understanding of the Teen Court Process.


                     National Teen Court Association