Farm, Food & Fun

Food Farm and Fun

BTN-TV is proud to bring you "Farm, Food & Fun" with Miss Lynn & Farmer Larry, a cooking show featuring the culinary talents of Lynn and Larry Bauer. The show is filmed on location at Bristol’s Fern Valley Farm and showcases farm fresh ingredients used in simple, healthy recipes. The Bauers have been on the farm since 2008, growing their garden, hosting events, and inviting children into their kitchen to experience the joy of cooking with fresh, local ingredients. 

The show airs on  BTN-TV, available on channel 16 for BTES subscribers and on channel 192 for Spectrum subscribers, and is also available on YouTube at

During each episode, Miss Lynn and Farmer Larry will  share their recipes, provide tips for using kitchen utensils, and answer questions from viewers. If you have a cooking question for Miss Lynn and Farmer Larry, please email us here.

We invite you to tune in to "Farm, Food & Fun" to enjoy fresh ingredients that are appropriate for the season.