Traffic Data

Traffic Data

As part of its planning efforts, the Bristol TN/VA MPO collects and analyzes traffic data in coordination with the long-range transportation plan (LRTP) update process. Traffic data is either collected directly by MPO staff or aggregated with data collected by member jurisdictions to provide as comprehensive a set of traffic data as possible for the metropolitan planning area (MPA). In addition to data manually collected by MPO staff and member jurisdictions, the MPO incorporates traffic volume data collected by the Tennessee and Virginia Departments of Transportation (TDOT and VDOT) on a semi-annual basis.

Data Requests                      

To support the communities we serve, the Bristol TN/VA MPO supports entities and individuals by providing traffic data when requested. The MPO is not guaranteed to have the requested data available; individuals/entities wishing to request traffic data are advised to first consult the TDOT and VDOT traffic data hubs to see if the desired data is available via these sources.

TDOT Traffic Counts
The Tennessee Traffic Information Management and Evaluation System (TN-TIMES) may be accessed here.

VDOT Traffic Counts
Official VDOT average annual daily traffic (AADT) and vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) data publications may be accessed here.