Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

The Bristol MPO offers technical assistance to the region's local jurisdictions and governmental partners as well as small to large-scale community and non-profit organizations interested in active transportation and respond to community inquiries related to multimodal transportation; focus on evaluating mobility needs for specific subareas within the metropolitan planning area that include sidewalks, trails, greenways, and paths to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists, particularly for vulnerable road user populations. The MPO also coordinates with its state DOT partners to implement a pedestrian and bicycle count program.

In addition to the above activities, the MPO also assists its member jurisdictions in the preparation and review of applications for state and federal transportation-related grants including, but not limited to, Transportation Alternatives, Recreational Trails Program, and Multimodal Access grants. 

Planning Documents

The Bristol MPO and its partner agencies have worked to develop several plans for the improvement of bicycle and pedestrian infrrastructure in the region. The following plans are available to the public for review:

Bristol Tennessee Comprehensive Trails and Greenways Master Plan

The Bristol Tennessee Comprehensive Trails and Greenways Master Plan examines current trails and bike routes in the City, gauges stakeholder interests across the City, and proposes new trails, bike routes, greenways, and other infrastructure and policy changes to improve walkability and bikeability in the City.