Fiscal Years 2023-2026

The Bristol MPO adopted the Fiscal Years 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program at its meeting of the Executive Board on December 16, 2022 at 10:00 AM EST. The TIP describes and lists capital projects approved for funding for the fiscal years indicated within the Bristol TN/VA Metropolitan Planning Area, which includes the municipalities of the City of Bristol Tennessee, the City of Bristol Virginia, and the Town of Abingdon, along with unincorporated areas in Sullivan County Tennessee and Washington County Virginia. There are several types of projects within the TIP. These projects include: highways, public transportation, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, traffic signalization, and intersection improvements. The projects in the TIP are derived from the 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) adopted in 2021.

Bristol MPO FY23-26 TIP (Original)

Live Document

Though the TIP is adopted once every four years, the document can be amended or modified to reflect changes in funding, phases or project needs. The live FY23-36 TIP with all approved amendments and administrative modifications can be found here. These amendments and administrative modifications (adjustments), both pending and approved, to the FY 2023-2026 are listed below.

Pending Amendments

There are no pending amendments at this time.

List of Approved Amendments

Amendment #TIP ID#ProjectActionApproval Date MPOApproval Date TNApproval Date VAApproval Date Federal
1VA UPDATEVirginia Projects UpdateAdded FY23-26 information for all Virginia projects5/11/2023N/A5/11/2023

List of Administrative Modifications

Modification #TIP ID#ProjectActionApproval Date
1BVT-G3Bristol Virginia Transit CapitalAdded funding for the purchase of a new bus in FY23 and two new vans and a bus in FY24
2General SectionTAM TARGETSAdded FFY22 / FY22-23 TAM Targets for Transit Agencies2/9/2023
3126815NHPP Urban GroupingAdded NHPP funding for FY233/15/2023
4126644Bluff City Highway SidewalkAdded HIP-CRRSAA funding to FY233/20/2023
5BTT-G2TRANSIT VEHICLESAdded 5339 funding for FY245/12/2023
6126644Bluff City Highway SidewalkRemoved of HIP-CRRSAA funding for FY236/21/2023
7BTT-G2TRANSIT VEHICLESAdded 5339 funding for FY246/23/2023
8DIST3-G1District Three Governmental CooperativeAdded FY19-20 5307 apportionment to FY247/19/2023
9126644.00Bluff City Highway SidewalkAdded TAP funding to FY23, adjusted local match percentage9/14/2023
10DIST3-G1District Three Governmental CooperativeAdd 5307 Capital funding for FY2410/27/2023