The Bristol Tennessee Police Department first won national accreditation in 1996 from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA®). In 2020, we were re-accredited as a meritorious agency for our 8th consecutive accreditation award.

In August 2010, we became one of the first agencies in the state to become accredited through the Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. The Bristol Tennessee Police Department served as one of the pilot agencies for this program and is proud to have assisted other agencies statewide in meeting their quest for accreditation.

 A Mark of Professionalism

These accreditation programs provide law enforcement agencies an opportunity to voluntarily demonstrate that they meet an established set of professional standards which:

  • Require an agency to develop a comprehensive, well thought out, uniform set of written directives. This is one of the most successful methods for reaching administrative and operational goals, while also providing direction to personnel.
  • Provide the necessary reports and analyses a CEO needs to make fact-based, informed management decisions.
  • Are a means for developing or improving upon an agency's relationship with the community.
  • Strengthen an agency's accountability, both within the agency and the community, through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities.
  • Can limit an agency's liability and risk exposure because it demonstrates that internationally recognized standards for law enforcement have been met, as verified by a trained team of independent, outside assessors.

 A Symbolic Award

Accreditation is a coveted award that symbolizes professionalism, excellence and competence. It requires written directives and training to inform employees about policies and practices. It also requires facilities, equipment and processes to ensure employee safety and safeguard their rights.

We take pride in achieving accreditation, knowing it represents the very best in law enforcement.

Public Commentary for Agency Accreditation

Public commentary provides a valuable opportunity for community members to voice opinions, concerns, and suggestions regarding the police department's operations and policies. By actively participating in this process, residents can contribute to shaping the future of law enforcement in Bristol, Tennessee. Your insights and experiences can help foster transparency, accountability, and community-oriented policing. You may submit your input here.