Farmer's Market Board

  • Held quarterly, or as otherwise established
  • City Hall
    801 Anderson St.
    City Hall Annex
    Bristol, TN 37620

The Farmer's Market  board is composed of a 7 member board appointed as follows:

  • 1 member from each of the participating legislative bodies of:
    • Bristol, TN
    • Bristol, VA
    • Sullivan County, TN - Agricultural Extension Office Agent
    • Washington County, VA - Agricultural Extension Office Agent
  • Appointed by those bodies for the term of office unless otherwise established by the participating governing bodies
  • 3 citizen / operators appointed by the City Council for 3 year term

Margaret Feierabend                Bristol TN Representative
Bob Neal                                Sullivan Co. TN Representative
Odell Owens                           Washington Co. VA Representative
Jim Steele                              Bristol VA Representative
Peg Staton                   
Mr. Chris Walsh

Member Requirements
These members shall be market participants or suppliers, or citizen members demonstrating knowledge of the establishment and operation of the market. The 3 citizen / operator members are required to be residents of the participating legislative jurisdictions at time of appointment and maintain residency during the entire term of office.

Board Duties
Section 2-126 of the Code of Ordinances establishes the board and its duties.