School Resource Officers

The future of the city belongs to those attending school now and student safety is a priority of the police department. Currently, we have full time School Resource Officers (SRO) in all elementary, middle, and high schools in the Bristol Tennessee City School district. Patrol officers routinely conduct walk-throughs and security checks of the elementary schools and the alternative school.

While the SROs have an enormous amount of responsibilities some of the tasks assigned are:

  • To be the front line in the protection of lives for the students, staff, and citizens visiting a school property.
  • Investigation of criminal activity within or around the school grounds.
  • To enforce state laws and city ordinances and make referrals if necessary to a juvenile or criminal court.
  • The SRO is a liaison for the school principals, faculty, and students.
  • Assist other law enforcement officers with outside investigations that may impact students attending the school to which the SRO is assigned.
  • SROs mentor students and will teach or arrange classes to increase awareness for personal safety.
  • Provide security for special school events held outside the normal school day.

The Police Department and Bristol Tennessee City Schools regularly collaborate on school safety with scheduled drills and safety meetings. We hope this officer presence in the schools will aid with the academic achievements of our youth as we strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment.

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