Animal Control

It is unlawful to own, possess or harbor a dog or cat in the city unless it is inoculated against rabies.  It is the pet owners responsibility to provide proof of up to date rabies vaccinations when needed. 
It is unlawful for any person or family living in the same household to own, possess or harbor more than 4 adult dogs or 4 adult cats, unless the animals are used for breeding purposes for sale to the public.  (This is not applicable to dogs or cats less than 6 months old.)
It is unlawful for any person owning or controlling an animal, including dogs and cats, to allow them to run at large in the city.  A dog is not considered running at large if a person is using leash, calls or commands to control it and the animal obeys.
Any animal found running at large may be impounded and disposed of pursuant to state law.  If the animal cannot be seized, the police officer or other designated officer may destroy it.
Animals or fowl kept in the city must be kept and maintained in a clean and sanitary environment and condition, free from objectionable odors.  No animal or fowl may be kept in such a place or condition as to become a nuisance because of noise, odor, contagious disease or other reason.
The owner or person in control of an animal is responsible for the removal of animal waste on any public property, including sidewalks, streets and recreational areas.
It is unlawful for any person to keep or harbor a dog, which by loud or frequent habitual barking, yelping or howling, causes serious annoyance in the neighborhood.
It is unlawful for any person to own or be in charge of a vicious dog in the city unless it is muzzled and kept securely confined.
Dogs and all other domestic animals are not allowed in any food establishment, food store or restaurant in the city.  (This does not apply to guide dogs assisting a blind, physically disabled or hearing-impaired person.)
It is unlawful for any person to intentionally torture, maim or grossly overwork an animal, or fail to reasonably feed, water and provide care and shelter for an animal in their custody.  It is also unlawful to abandon an animal, transport or confine an animal in a cruel manner, or inflict injury or pain to the legs or hooves of horses for any purpose including competition in horse shows and similar events.
Every owner of a dog in heat is required to confine the animal during that time.
It is unlawful to trap, shoot, hunt or attempt to shoot or molest in any manner any bird or wild fowl, or to rob their nests. However, if starlings or similar birds congregate in such numbers that they constitute a nuisance or menace to health or property, health authorities of the city may allow the birds to be destroyed in a manner advised by the Chief of Police.
It is unlawful to dye or otherwise change the natural color of and sell or give away baby chickens, ducklings or goslings of any age, or rabbits under 2 months old as pets toys, premiums or novelties.
Animal owners found in violation of these provisions shall be deemed guilty of an offense and their animal shall be subject to impoundment or destruction.
If any dogs or cats impounded are found to be sick, injured or vicious, the Animal Control officer may humanely dispose of them immediately.  If the owner is known, he shall be notified and have the right to obtain the advice and services of a veterinarian.
For more information on Animal Control call 423-989-5600.