Become a Dispatcher

Dispatchers Make a Difference

The Police Department's 911 Communications Center serves the citizens and emergency responders of the City of Bristol, Tennessee, which has an average population of 25,450. We answer and respond to over 225,000 calls for service each year. We answer and dispatch over 21,000 911 emergency calls. Our Communications Center answers and dispatches police, fire, medical, and animal control calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the evenings, on weekends and holidays, we answer the city switchboard and take calls for public works and utility services.

Every day is different and offers a new and exciting challenge. As one of our communications professionals, you will embark on a career that puts you as the primary link between people seeking help and the help they seek. Robberies, burglaries, rescues, fires, and medical emergencies are cries for help that must be answered. Handling the variety of challenges each day requires a special person with some very special skills. You could be that special person.

The Best of the Best

We provide the knowledge, skills and tools to provide the best emergency communications services in this area. Each communications professional in our Department has completed over 600 hours of training within their first year of employment and obtained State and National license and certification. This isn't just another job; this is a commitment and a career. This is the chance to really make a difference in the quality of life of our citizens.

If you're really adventurous, call us and set up a time to come take a tour of the Communications 911 Center and observe operations. You might find that this is the career you have always wanted.


Our training program includes:

  • 380 hours one-on-one, on the job training with a Communications Training Officer
  • Basic Emergency Communications Course
  • Basic life support - CPR
  • Computer software and specialized equipment
  • Crisis Intervention and dealing with suicidal callers
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch
  • National Crime Information Computer Systems
  • National Incident Management
  • TTY language and usage

Become a Dispatcher

Contact the City Human Resources Department at 423-989-5526, or visit our Jobs page to apply online. We look forward to hearing from you soon and directing you on a path to a new and exciting career in Public Safety Communications.