Community Relations

Community Relations

The Office of Community Relations keeps the public and city employees advised of city-related news and information. Community Relations coordinates, plans, promotes and delivers public information through the organization's communications channels. In addition, this office assists the City Manager with event planning, communications, program campaigns, and media releases. It is responsible for the generation of news releases, speech writing, digital newsletters, and print publications. The office serves as an advertising and marketing resource to all city departments through the preparation of booklets, brochures, and other publications and events.

Information is shared through public service announcements, internally produced programming, news briefs, City alerts, and informational slates are generated for Channel 16 on BTES and Channel 192 on Charter, and the Internet by Community Relations' BTN videographers.

In addition to traditional communication tools, the Office of Community Relations uses social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Instagram to relay information to a broader spectrum of citizens. Click on the links below to view our different social media pages. Visit Bristol Tennessee TV to view our videos about the city, its projects, and programs. We will continue to explore new ways to "get the word out" and keep citizens informed about city news, activities, and events.


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