City's Green Efforts & Activities

The City of Bristol continues to search for new ways to do the same (if not improved) services with less environmental impact. Below is a list of the city's green efforts and activities:

Buildings & Facilities

Energy conservation audits were performed for all city and school facilities and major utility systems, with lighting system upgrades, window replacements, and energy management controls being installed at nine city buildings ($500,000 investment). Lights and unnecessary equipment in administrative offices are turned off when not occupied or in use (BMP).

  • New thermostatic controls are being installed at the water plant as the result of a recent TVA energy audit to provide automatic temperature setback at night and weekends for optimum efficiency.
  • Program participation in the TVA Demand Response Program is actively being evaluated as a strategy to reduce power requirements at the water plant during peak use periods.
  • Energy efficient windows were installed at the Central Fire Station.
  • Energy efficient toilets, shower heads, and faucets were installed in the new shower facilities at the Central Fire Station.
  • Water from Steele Creek Lake is used to irrigate Steele Creek golf course.
  • Phase I of the Beaver Creek flood reduction project moves forward.
  • Attainment of a FEMA CRS rating of 8 that recognizes community floodplain management activities that exceed NFIP requirements.
  • A storm water pollution prevention plan is in place at the city garage to minimize contaminants leaving the site during storm events.
  • Energy Star compliant HVAC units were installed in fire stations.
  • All interior lighting at Central Fire Station and Stations 2 and 3 were retrofitted with energy efficient fixtures and bulbs.
  • An Energy Star rated water heater was installed at the Central Fire Station with energy-management controls.
  • An energy management control system is installed at City Hall.
  • Motion sensor light controls are installed in the gym and restrooms at the Slater Community Center to turn lights off when not in use; and will be implemented in all city restrooms and other appropriate locations in the future (BMP).
  • Apparatus bay areas in fire stations are being equipped with sensor light controls.
  • Unnecessary overhead flashing beacons have been removed.
  • Grant applications are being evaluated for the installation of a geo-thermal unit at the water plant and a pilot project to introduce LED street lighting.
  • Evaluations are underway for new variable-speed pumps and equipment to minimize motor operations, and reduce power loads, at the water plant.
  • Energy Star benchmarking of City Hall, City Hall Annex, water plant, and wastewater plant will be undertaken to determine the energy performance of these major city facilities (BMP).
  • Energy efficient elements are being designed into the Nature Center addition including lighting and motion sensors, natural day-lighting, highly reflective glass to reduce solar heat gain, a fresh air ventilation system, and the potential application of a geo-thermal system using Steele Creek Lake.
  • A geo-thermal system is being installed at the new Fairmount Elementary School.
  • A storm water pollution prevention plan is in place at the wastewater treatment plant.