Bristol Demolition Landfill Solar Project

The City of Bristol Solar Project is a partnership with BTES, TVA and EcoLogical Energy Systems. The site is a closed, capped-off demolition landfill on Patterson Hill Road, 2 miles from BMS.

The Project

A closed section of the Bristol Tennessee demolition landfill is the site for a 200kw solar photovoltaic project involving 819, 240-watt solar panel modules. The system will produce approximately 300,000kw of solar electricity annually that will be tied into the TVA/BTES grid and consumed by local consumers.

That's the equivalent to:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 6,206 metric tons
  • Taking 1,217 cars off the road every year
  • Emissions from 695, 740 gallons of gasoline and 14,433 barrels of oil
  • Emissions from 774 homes every year

Clean Renewable Energy

The sun provides more clean energy on the planet in 1 hour than humans use in a year. Solar PV systems capture that energy and transfers it into usable power. With the depletion and high costs of fossil fuels and improving technology, more solar energy is now being planned than any other power sour-including nuclear, coal, and natural gas. As a result businesses are installing solar panels on office buildings, utilities are erecting large solar farms, and homeowners are powering their electrical needs at home.