Anderson Park

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This park is located at 341 Martin Luther King Boulevard. It is 2.38 acres and is used daily by the community for picnicking and walking during the lunch hour. This land was originally part of Kings Meadows, the farm of Reverend James King. His father acquired the land in 1814 from the Shelby Family. The area (the park) was the cow lot behind the Joseph R. Anderson home. At his death in 1888, Mr. Anderson had placed in his will this clause:

I devise that the lot in front of the Pickens and Dr. Dickey's house be reserved as a public square provided the corporation will use the same, ornament it, keep it enclosed as a public square perpetually. If this is not done, it reverts back to the heirs.


This park is an integral part of the City's downtown area. It hosts many activities throughout the summer and is rented quite often for weddings and church gatherings. There is a "KaBoom" playground for 5 to 12-year-olds and a 2 bay swing with 1 belt seat and 1 handicapped accessible seat. This playground also has a small play fire truck for children to play on. There is a 22-foot octagon shaped gazebo with benches, lights and electricity. There is also an open-air 30 by 15-foot stage with lighting and electricity.

The park is crisscrossed with 785 linear feet of concrete sidewalk and 1,300 linear feet of concrete sidewalk on the entire perimeter. There are 5 recycled trash can holders and 4 wood and metal benches along these paths. The park has 5 wood and metal constructed picnic tables, 2 of these tables have checkered boards drawn on them for people to play board games. There are also 5 fiberglass doggie poo bag stations for those who walk their dogs.

The park also has 2 concrete Foursquare game boards built next to the playground. A tetherball is also available for use by the patrons.

Location & Parking

It has a large 70 by 43-inch double-sided fiberglass sign identifying its location. There is parking in the cul-de-sac next to the park which has 9 spaces and 1 handicapped accessible space.