Friendship Park

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Friendship Park (formerly known as Avoca Park) is located 2432 Volunteer Parkway. This 14.6-acre park was purchased from the Sullivan County Board of Education in December 1978. The park included 2 baseball fields at that time. Currently, there are 3 baseball fields, and a large green space. Read more about renaming the park (PDF).

Field A is a standard little league field at 200 feet. This field includes a 2 story score-tower/concession stand. Restrooms and storage are contained in a second building. Dugouts are of block construction.

This park is currently the home of the Avoca Baseball League (Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken).


The larger field (B), located nearest to the school, is also the home field for Vance Middle School Baseball. Both Avoca Baseball and Bristol Little League use this field for the older youth divisions. The field is a 300-foot field. There is a 2 story score-tower/ concession structure as well as a 2 story structure containing a storage room below and meeting room above. There is a separate restroom building. Dugouts are of block construction.

Field C is a 150-foot field primarily used for T-Ball. There is a storage building located behind the backstop that serves as the score-tower. Dugouts are of block construction. 

All 3 fields are surrounded by chain-link fence. The backstops are also chain-link. The perimeter fencing and backstop on field B are in need of replacement. The fencing on field A and C is in good condition and needs some minor maintenance.