Jerry Goodpasture Plaza (Music Park)

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This is a .18 acre park located at 719 Shelby Street. The park was built by the Corp of Engineers as part of the Beaver Creek Flood Prevention Plan.

Musical Instruments

There are 3 outdoor musical instruments installed in the park. These include:

  • Pegasus (a hefty metallophone made with 23 resonated aluminum bars in the key of C Major and A Minor)
  • A set of 5 tuned drums that are played by hand
  • A set of 7 chimes of various lengths

Other Features

There are six 6-foot metal benches, two 30-gallon metal trash can holders and two metal flower pot holders. The area is illuminated by three single globe lights. The creekside is bordered by a black wrought iron fence and by split rail fence on the east side. The area of use is concrete while the rest of the park is landscaped in low growing monkey grass, shrubs, and trees.