Wes Davis Greenway

Wes Davis Greenway

The City received a transportation enhancement grant from the State of TN in 1996 to construct a pedestrian and bike trail from Anderson St. to Melrose St.  The 2,800 ft trail was dedicated in honor of long time city leader Wes Davis.  The trail is built on a former rail bed. 

Along this trail are 2 foot bridges which cross over the creek.  The northern bridge is an old railroad trestle which measures 120’ long x 14’ wide. This trestle was redone with new foot boards and a handrail.   The other is a 7’ x 109’ Steadfast steel and wooden bridge bought to replace an old trestle that had been removed.   It is illuminated by 32, 5 globe old style lights.  The lights are cast aluminum with plastic globes on concrete pillars. 

Along the trail are 2 expanded metal plastic coated benches with backs and 2, 20 gallon expanded metal plastic coated trash cans.

The original Pullman passenger train car named for Bristol is on display.  This car is 85 feet long and 10 feet wide.  The exterior was removed and the metal infrastructure was repaired in the 1990’s.  There is also a Norfolk-Southern caboose on display. 

The signage for the Greenway consists of a 15’9” x 3’9” metal reproduction of the train engine that pulled the Bristol car.  The identification sign for the Greenway is a wooden 16’ x 2’ sign which sits in a block flower bed illuminated by 2 spotlights and 2 single globe old style, cast aluminum pole lights.  There is a small sitting area paying tribute to Wes Davis, with 2 benches and a plaque.

This Greenway and amenities are in good condition. There are several sections of split rail fencing that need replacement and there are some erosion issues behind the train cars.