Windsor Park

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Windsor Park

Windsor Park is a small community park encompassing.17 acres located at 1024 Windsor Avenue. During the planning process for the Morning Rotary Park, a second location in the Weed and Seed area was identified for a park. The Orchard Street location was chosen for the basketball park. This second location was a vacant lot owned by the Windsor Avenue Presbyterian Church and located beside of their parking lot.

The Bristol Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership group had an interest in developing the park as their group project. This group, along with Keep Bristol Beautiful, the Chamber of Commerce, Weed and Seed and the City of Bristol joined together to complete the park project.

The property ownership is maintained by the church with the city securing a long term lease for the lot as well as use of the parking lot. The BYL group selected the type and colors for the equipment as well as the layouts. City staff completed the construction and installation. The park was completed in the spring of 2004.


The park hosts a small play structure rated for children 2 to 5 years old. There is 1 picnic table and 1 trash receptacle both in good condition. The play area is fenced by a white plastic fence. The play structure is in good condition but is starting to have wear and fade.