Making a 911 Call

911 call center

If you dial 911 by mistake, please stay on the line until the dispatcher answers and then just explain what happened.


If you have a VoIP phone, you may not be able to dial 911. Your phone and address information may not be available to the 911 Center. Please check with your phone service provider to ensure you are aware of any special instructions, etc. regarding your ability to access 911 in an emergency!

  1. Calling from a land line
  2. Calling from a wireless VoIP
  3. Calling from Work

When you dial 911, the dispatcher automatically receives the location you are calling from and the telephone number. However, you should be prepared to verify this information.

Dispatcher Information

Be prepared to give the dispatcher the following information: 

  •  Location or address where help is needed
  • Phone number you are calling from
  • Your name and who is involved
  • Answer all questions as quickly and accurately as possible
  • Nature of the problem and when it occured
  • Follow all instructions given by the dispatcher
  • Stay on the phone for as long as it is safe to do so or until the dispatcher tells you to hang up

Note: The emergency units are dispatched quickly and answering the 911 dispatcher's questions does not delay a response, but rather better prepares the respondents to handle the event.