Nomination Process

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made throughout the year by any member of the public, employee, volunteer, contract employee appointed or elected official.

Nominations must be submitted on the Nomination Form. Give detailed factual information and be specific about what makes your nominee outstanding. Explain how nominee meets the ideal(s) identified in the selection criteria. Nomination forms will be available in all departments and online.


All full-time, part- time and seasonal employees are eligible for this program unless otherwise noted. Individual employees and employee team/groups are eligible for nomination.

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrates a high level of service to the public
  • Exhibits leadership
  • Demonstrates a high level of service to the staff
  • Acts to improve relations – with the public, staff and across department lines
  • Makes a substantial contribution to the City of Bristol that enhances the image of the City
  • Demonstrates improved efficiency, creativity, inventiveness
  • Performs in an outstanding & courteous manner in an emergency situation
  • Exceptional performance in a one-time specific project or situation

Selection Committee

Recognition and Review Team- is comprised of three members of the Public Information Group (P.I.G.) as a sub-committee known as Recognition Committee. The team shall serve for one year and work with the P.I.G.

Nomination Form