Bark Park/Charlie Robinette Park

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The Bark Park is the city's first dog park located on the upper tier of the Charlie Robinette Park. The dog park was completed in the fall of 2009. There are 2 sections to the dog park; an area for larger dogs and an area for smaller dogs. More than 1,000 feet of chain-link fence surrounds the 2 areas. 

Both areas have drinking fountains that also have a dog bowl at the bottom. There are 8 park benches and 8 trash receptacles. At each receptacle is a box with poo bags.

The Bark Park has a separate paved parking area with 15 parking spaces. Several of the large trees at this location were relocated from the Central School site when the building was razed. The large dog area has a paved trail leading out the back and connecting with the walking trail.