Blaze The Fire Dog

On a nice, balmy summer day a beautiful and spry little Dalmatian came to the Fire Hall beside Haynesfield School. It seemed as if it had been a while since he had last eaten and he seemed to be rather hungry. He was a very shy dog, scampering away anytime one of the brave firemen would try to pet him.  He acted as though he had no family and hadn’t been given a lot of attention.  No one knew if he had a name or not.  The firemen began setting out a little bowl of food and water for their new friend and the next thing you knew the dog with no name was showing up each day. While the firemen would go about their daily chores and training with their trucks and big fire hoses the little Dalmatian would sit over to the side under a tree or in the grass and watch very intently.                    


When the friendly firemen would finish with whatever they were doing for the day the little dog would take off to the pool to watch the kids frolic in the water or go to the park and watch kids play on all the playground equipment.  The firemen noticed that the little fella liked being around kids but was still very shy and would run in the opposite direction if they would come over to pet him.

 In the past few weeks the firemen had been making friends with this dog.  He even has become their buddy and will allow them to pet him. With all this in mind the fantastic firemen came up with a great idea…..”Let’s adopt him,” suggested Firefighter Steve, “We will have a contest and let the children from the city come up with a name.  We will give him his name in October at the Fire Department’s Open House.”

With that, the quest began!  All the planning for the new “fire dog’s” naming party and open house started.  Of course there had to be food, prizes, fun things to do and lots of things to learn about fire safety.          

So on Saturday, October 4, 2014 the dog made his first appearance at the Fire Department's open house. Hundreds of children from throughout the community submitted a name. Gracie Peters of Bristol, Tennessee who is nine years old received the honor of naming the fire dog, Blaze. The Bristol Tennessee Fire Department is excited to have Blaze as part of their team.

                                                                               fire dog

The firemen have now started caring for the dog each day and have even given him a place to live at the fire hall, but they are very aware of just how shy Blaze is and have asked him to only make an appearance once a year to meet with the kids of Bristol.

Blaze may be shy but he loves to talk to the kids and is keeping a Fire House Blog called Blaze's Fire Hall Journal where you can go play games, find helpful fire tips and lots of other information.  You can also send Blaze an email to ask questions if you like.