What is stormwater runoff, and how does it affect me?
Stormwater runoff is rainwater that flows off from any impervious material
on a piece of property. Examples of impervious materials are any type of
housing, driveways, parking lots, streets, hard packed dirt, and/or any other
type of material that prevents rainwater from being absorbed directly into
soil. Due to the nature of the surface, rainwater instead is diverted into the
stormwater system of ditches, culverts, catch basins, and storm sewers.
One issue that could affect citizens and businesses is a potential for localized
flooding due to the increased urbanization that has occurred in recent years.
This increased urbanization has led to additional impervious structures that
can increase the rate of rainwater runoff to a point where localized flooding
is possible.
In addition, this rainwater can carry many pollutants such as fertilizers,
pesticides, grass clippings, pet wastes, and other materials that must be
treated before being reentered into the general water supply. It is crucial
that the City acts proactively to prevent as much contaminated water from
entering the stormwater system as possible.
The fees collected will be used to fund improvements to existing stormwater
system infrastructure, build new stormwater system infrastructure, and
provide for street cleaning services to aid in prevention of localized flooding
and improvement of water quality for City citizens and businesses.

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