How can I change the name on my account?
If the name change is due to marriage, submit your request along with marriage certificate, or updated and valid driver's license.

If the name change is due to divorce, submit your request along with a copy of divorce papers showing the court order to change your last name.

If you are requesting to change the account holder name from your former spouse to your name, you must provide court documentation showing that you were awarded the property in the settlement, or your former spouse may notify our office.

If a spouse is deceased, the surviving spouse may submit a request for a name change to the account with a copy of the death certificate.

If you have inherited a property and need to change the account into your name, submit a copy of the will or deed. We will update the information on the account using your picture ID and social security card. There is no fee for this type of change.

Changing the name from one customer to another, excluding the above, requires the payment of a service fee and possible deposit.

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