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Paramount Theatre Documentary

  1. On Stage
  2. Paramount Documentary
    Thank you for taking time to share some brief memories about Bristol's historic Paramount Theatre. This form will allow us to keep accurate records and contact you for additional information. We're grateful for your willingness to help, and we'll be in touch!
  3. Did you work at the Paramount as an usher, in the concession stand, selling tickets or in some other role?
  4. Have you performed on the Paramount stage as part of a talent show, in a theater production, as part of a musical group, or in some other capacity?
  5. Would you be willing to share your memories on camera for use in our documentary?
  6. Do you have memorabilia from the Paramount that we could photograph for inclusion in our film?
  7. Please provide more details about the answers you provided above and/or a brief description of any other information you would like to share. We will contact you to arrange a more in-depth interview.
  8. Photos
    Please use the fields below to upload photos that help illustrate the history of the Paramount. If your photo appear in our documentary, your name will be listed in the credits.
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