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Application For a Site Plan


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Checklist Worksheet for Chapter 10 Site Plan Requirements
  • Step One

    1. City Seal for Press Releases -VECTOR.jpg
    2. Site Plan
    3. Development Services Department

      Planning Division

      Municipal Annex Building

      104 8th Street

      P.O. Box 1189

      Bristol, TN 37620


      Fax: 423-989-5748

    4. Relationship to Property Owner
    5. Project Type
      If the area to be disturbed is 1 acre or more, a Tennessee Construction General Permit is required. This permit must be in place prior to this permit being issued and a copy of the permit must be attached to this application.
    6. Plan Type
    7. Checklist for Submission
    8. Best Management Practices Must Be Employed Controls Must Be Installed Prior To The Start Of Construction and Remain In Place At All Times During Construction Water Quantity AND Water Quality Leaving The Site Must Be Controlled
    9. Applicable Codes
      • Bristol Tennessee Code of Ordinances
      • Bristol Tennessee Zoning Ordinance
      • Federal Clean Water Act of 1987 through the Tennessee Erosion & Sediment Control Regulations
  • Site Plan Categories
  • A site plan will be reviewed and processed administratively, unless it is submitted as part of a development proposal requiring Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals approval. A pre-submission conference is recommended but not required. A completed minor or major site plan submittal shall consist of:
  • Plot Plan, Minor Site Plan

    Based upon the scope of the proposed project, pleas use the information below to determine which if the three types of site plans will be required; a plot plan. a minor site plan, or a major site plan.

  • Plot Plan
    A development proposal that disturbs less than one acre of land and involves one or more of the following improvements shown below:
  • A Plot Plan must show all improvements, as listed above, and must:
  • A Plot Plan that is submitted as part of a building or combination permit application will meet these requirements with no additional submittal. If, however, a development proposal involves an Assembly (A), Educational (E), Institutional (I), or Hazardous (H)use, as defined by the Internation Building Code, all plans shall be prepared by and contain the deal of an appropriately licenses design professional registered to practice in the State of Tennessee
  • Minor Site Plan
    A proposed development that disturbs a site of less than one acre.
  • A Minor Site Plan must contain, but is not limited to, the following information:
  • Major Site Plan
    A proposed development that disturbs a site of one acre or more.
  • A Major Site Plan shall:
  • Additional Important Site Plan Related Information
  • Surety:
    Prior to approval of the site plan, the city may require surety for public infrastructure improvements. The surety shall be submitted in a form and in the amount established by the city.
  • Inspections
    The city will inspect all construction. One copy of the improved site plan and associated documents shall be kept on-site and made available to the city when requested. During construction, the owner or developer shall provide adequate on-site supervision by a person whom is familiar with the approved site plan requirements, city, state and federal regulations, construction methods and the authority to make decisions regarding construction of the project.
  • Expiration:
    Construction or development may begin upon the approval of a site plan and acquisition of construction permits. However, an approved site plan shall become null and void if no significant work or development has occurred on the site within twelve (12) months after the site plan is approved. Upon written request, the City Manager may grant an extension not to exceed twelve (12) months.
  • Modification:
    Any deviation form an approved site plan without the prior written approval of the City Manager or his designee shall require the submission of a new site plan and may result in a termination of all construction activities until the new site plan is approved.
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