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  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Signage Details
  3. 3. Zoning Appeal
  • Step One

    1. City Seal for Press Releases -VECTOR.jpg
    2. Permanent Sign
    3. Community Development Department

      Planning Division

      Municipal Annex Building

      104 8th Street

      Bristol, TN 37621

      Phone: 423-989-5515

    4. Relationship to Property Owner
    5. Category
    6. This Application May Be Used For Multiple Signs
    7. This permit is to be used for installation of a permanent sign(s).
      Maximum sign areas are generally determined by the linear length of building face parallel to a public way.
      Please ensure that site plans indicate the length of the building or tenant space where the sign is to be located to avoid delays in processing your permit application.
      Signs that are more than 20 ft high or more than 15 ft and 120 sq ft or larger must be designed by a Tennessee Registered Design Professional.
      All electrified signs must have an approved listing label and be installed in conformance with that listing.
    8. Checklist for Submission
      Please Complete this section carefully. It will save you time if all requirements are submitted.
      • Application Completed & Contractor/ Sub Contractor listing if subs are to be used.
      • Site Plan drawn to scale showing the location of each proposed freestanding sign on the lot, clearly delineating dimensions from property line and setbacks to footings and closest projection of sign.
      • One set of plans drawn to scale of each proposed freestanding sign, including structure height.
      • One set of plans drawn to scale for foundations/footings for freestanding sign.
      • Electrical details on plans for electrified signs. Provide proper listing numbers for each electrified sign.
      • One set of plans of the proposed building mounted sign and the location of the sign on the building wall, with dimensions of sign and the horizontal linear footage of the building wall/storefront clearly noted.

      Show Mounting Detail For New Signs.
      Show All Existing Signs.
      • If externally illuminated, details to show compliance with shielding requirements to avoid glare.
      • Contractors are required to provide proper state & local licensing credentials and proof of liability & workers compensation Insurance as required by State of Tennessee, if not on file Bristol Code Enforcement.
    9. The Current Codes in effect for signs:
        Section 216, Bristol Zoning Ordinance
        2018 International Building Code
        2017 National Electric Code