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Subdivision Checklist

  1. Subdivision Checklist
  2. Development Services Department

    Planning Division

    Municipal Annex Building

    104 8th Street

    P.O. Box 1189

    Bristol, TN 37620


    Fax: 423-989-5748

  3. Information to be shown on every subdivision
  4. Applicant
    Yes, No, N/A
  5. Staff Verification
  6. Staff Comments
  7. 1.
    10 paper copies unless submitted electronically. If electronically submitted only one paper copy is necessary.
  8. 2.
    a. A title block with the proposed subdivision name and location.
  9. b. The number of acres and lots
  10. c. Name, address and Tennessee registration number of the engineer, surveyor, architect, or landscape architect.
  11. d. The name and address of the subdivider
  12. e. Recorded deed references
  13. 3.
    Small-scale location map showing the relationship of the subdivision to the surrounding area features.
  14. 4.
  15. 5.
    North Point
  16. 6.
    Location of existed and platted:
  17. a. Property line
  18. b. Streets
  19. c. Water courses
  20. d. Railroads
  21. e. Recorded deed references
  22. f. Bridges
  23. g. Culverts
  24. h. Drain pipes
  25. i. Water mains
  26. j. Utility and any public and private easements
  27. 7.
    The present zoning classifications:
  28. a. On the land to be subdivided
  29. b. On the adjoining property owners or subdivision
  30. 8.
    Existing contours in dashed lines and proposed contour in solid lines at vertical intervals of not more that 5 feet based
  31. 9.
    The total acreage of the land to be subdivided and the computed area in square feet of each lot.
  32. 10.
    Location of iron pins old iron pins computer area in square feet of each lot
  33. 11.
    Setback lines
  34. 12.
    Existing electrical lines crossing the property
  35. 13.
    The location of existing structures
  36. 14.
    Plan and profile of all the proposed roads indicating typical cross sections and details for pavement, curbing, and sidewalks
  37. 15.
    Plan and profile of all proposed public utility systems such as:
  38. a. Water
  39. b. Sewer
  40. c. Storm drainage
  41. d. Electric
  42. e. Telephone
  43. f. Gas
  44. 16.
    Drainage plan showing all structures and their appurtenances to be constructed as well as erosion and sedimentation control measures to be undertaken.
  45. 17.
    Private water supply and/or sewage disposal systems approval
  46. Names, Locations, Widths, and Other Dimensions of the Following to be Shown on Every Subdivision:
  47. Applicant
    Yes, No, N/A
  48. Staff Verification
  49. Staff Comments
  50. 1.
    Proposed Streets
  51. 2.
    Proposed Alleys
  52. 3.
    Proposed Easements
  53. 4.
    Proposed Parks
  54. 5.
    Proposed Open Spaces
  55. 6.
    Proposed Dedications
  56. 7.
    Proposed Reservations
  57. 8.
    Proposed Lot Lines
  58. 9.
    Proposed Building Lines
  59. 10.
    Proposed Utilities
  60. 11.
    Proposed E-911 Numbers
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